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Emergency: 9-1-1
Non Emergency: (705) 949 – 6300



Emergency Services Unit

The Emergency Services Unit (ESU) is a specialized police unit formed and trained to handle situations which involve an increased level of violence or risk of violence. Originally formed in 1998, ESU currently has 14 members, including 12 tactical operators, one canine officer and one Sergeant.

The ESU unit is assigned to Patrol Services and conducts general policing duties when not required for high risk incidents. The mandate of the ESU includes arresting violent and armed suspects, executing search warrants, responding to barricaded persons and hostage situations, high risk security detail, canine support and enhancing the safety of the public and police personnel in the safe resolve of high risk occurrences in the most effective manner possible.

Members of this Unit are highly trained individuals with specialties in a number of areas including containment, de-escalation, explosive disposal, less lethal operations, hostage rescue and canine support.