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Police Week – Bicycle Registration/Safety

Approved by: 255 - May 18, 2022

Throughout Police Week we are showcasing the work our members do daily and highlighting public safety and community safety tips.

May is our Bicycle Safety month, so today we are sharing a few tips to keep yourself safe while riding your bicycle and to prevent your bicycles and e-bikes from being stolen.

Under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) a bicycle is considered a vehicle just like a car or truck.

“To best protect yourself while on a bicycle we urge everyone to follow all traffic laws, wear a helmet, ensure your bicycle can be seen by installing lights, reflectors and/or reflective tape, use appropriate signaling.” Says Constable Troy Miller, Bicycle Unit lead. “Following these steps will allow others on the road to see you and know when you plan to turn, and ultimately increase road safety for all.”

As part of Bicycle Safety, we want to encourage everyone in the community to register their bicycles, including e-bikes, using our online reporting system on Using our online reporting system only takes a few minutes.

“Registering your bicycle or e-bike only takes a few minutes and provides members important information should your property be recovered,” says Sergeant Marc Dubie, Central Support Bureau Supervisor. “Registering the serial number, unique characteristics, and photographs of your bicycle will allow members to identify the property, confirm who it belongs to and return it to the owner.”

For more information on we encourage all of you to visit the Government of Ontario’s Bicycle Safety website.

For more information on our Online Reporting system, please visit

Constable Chris Cuglietta and Constable Tara Smith on Bicycle Patrol

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