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Integrated Municipal Enforcement Team Operations

Approved by: 361 - August 13, 2021

The Integrated Municipal Enforcement Team (IMET) was formed in September 2020. Since its inception, officers have conducted 46, including three this week, proactive and reactive operations in the interest of public safety and in support of IMET partner agencies.

In most occurrences, officers attend at the request of other IMET agencies in order to keep the peace and allow the agency conducts its operation safely. These operations include property cleanups, fire code violations and any other occurrence where officers may be of assistance in keeping the peace.

As we continue to work with partner agencies in IMET operations, it is important for community members to be aware of the appropriate way of address their concerns. The agency responsible for addressing the complaint should be the main point of contact for community members. That agency will determine the necessary process to address the concerns. If police are requested to assist, an officer will attend to support the requesting agency.

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